Snipes tax evasion trial begins

I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time commenting on actor Wesley Snipes tax evasion trial going on in central Florida this week. But I will do my best to keep people apprised as to what is going on. I think it’s a good lesson in courtroom and trial procedure and it makes it that much more educational when it’s a celebrity at the center of the bulls eye. I like to look at it from an entertainment law standpoint that there are some very talented people in this world who just make idiotic decision. That doesn’t make them criminals. I wouldn’t say anything differently about any one of my own personal clients either. But, if Snipes was trying to thwart his nose at the US government and avoid paying taxes, he deserves a little taste of IRS Justice. (Read the update)

I’ll try to have my colleague over at the Defense Zzone to expand on the trials and tribulations that are bound to encompass this case.


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