Judge for yourself…police and protestors clash

I know there are always two sides to a story.  But the actions in this clip from the DNC last week seem a little disproportionate. You decide on your own.


5 responses to “Judge for yourself…police and protestors clash

  • Stephanie James

    This website shows the Rocky Mountain News article related to the above clip.

    The woman shoved by the police officer in this video is named Alicia Forrest. She is a CodePink protester from Los Angeles, CA.

    After being shoved, Forrest was later forcefully arrested by police officers (this is also shown in the clip).

    Other protesters claim that Forrest was doing “nothing violent at all.”

    After reading the article about Forrest’s arrest, I think the police officer acted out of line. People are allowed to protest freely, and shouldn’t have to fear unwarranted contact from police officers while doing so.

  • Stephanie James

    The Rocky Mountain News website is posted under my name in the comment above (just in case anyone finds it hard to locate). I hope everyone finds it interesting!

  • Toni Bellucci

    Who draws the line between a lawful vocal protest and an imminent threat of “riot”? Everyday the police have to make split decisions and use their best judgement to protect the safety of themselves, their co-workers and the general public. Unfortunately, society has produced people who are capable of committing violent, unpredicatable horrors for which the police are trained to protect the rest of society from. If anyone has been on the receiving side of some of these unspeakable horrors they are grateful for the protection the police provide.

    However, it could be easily argued that some members of the police abuse their authority and power and can be just as violent and unreasonable as those they are protecting society from. Out of fear, law after law after law has been passed allowing the government to use “just” force in any situation they deem necessary. Out of fear, the citizens of this country have allowed a slow erosion of their civil liberties.

    Was the woman brutally assaulted by the police officer? In my opinion the answer is yes. Was the police officer in fear for his safety? Probably not. Was the police officer caught up in the moment and irritated with the woman’s actions, dress and vocal opinions? I bet the answer would be yes. Will the citizens of Denver rally in support of this woman and her civil liberties? Probably not. Who draws the line between a lawful vocal protest and an imminent threat of “riot”? Theoretically…you do, I do, he does and she does. Only through our opinions, questions and out cries will the government review their actions in situations such as this. By sitting back and accepting the undue force this video shows, we are opening doors that will be hard to close.

  • Nicole Bodeman

    Truthfully this clip is kind of brief. I cannot tell if the lady provoked anything threatening to deserve that brutal shove. I think that the woman would have a case against the police officer, in which would I believe be battery. All three elements were met in this case. First there was unwanted contact from the officer, second I would believe that the contact was harmful (it dropped her to the ground), third and last there was intent to hit the woman. The police officer could have taken a better approach. I guess what really erks me is that law enforcement ignores their actions an example would be the Emily Rice issue.

  • M. Parker

    Everyone keeps mentioning that she didn’t do anything violent? I must have missed where breaking the law only involves violent crime…

    Running a traffic light isn’t violent but last time I checked it was against the law. Hmmmm… No you don’t have to do anything violent to break the law…big shock.

    The small clip shown does not give the whole story…don’t believe everything you see. The clip alone looks like the actions of the officer are unwarranted. But what happened prior to the camera coming on?

    Well with the information that I have the woman had been asked multiple times to step back from the sidewalk. The police were asking all protesters to step back from the sidewalk. Guess what? When a police officer asks you to do something and you don’t do it, that is disobeying an order of a police officer and that my friends is a crime. And if you don’t step back when an officer asks you to, you will be pushed back. It may look violent, but she certainly had the opportunity to move aside as asked. Since the officer is doing his job, good luck winning any kind of battery case.

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