Daredevil sues NYC landmark for thwarting jump

I just had to bring this to everyone’s attention. Professional stunt jumper, Jeb Corliss, was thwarted from leaping off the 86th floor observation deck of the Empire State Building. He is suing the famous New York landmark, claiming its employees endangered his life. (Read the story).

But its not the fact that he is suing the Empire State Building that has me interested in this story. It’s the fact that the judge threw the criminal case out. According to this MSN article, “[he] has jumped from the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Petronas Towers in Malaysia”, and that in this particular instance he was arrested and charged by New York prosecutors with reckless endangerment — a felony. But, it turned out, there is no law in New York that makes it illegal to jump from buildings. In January 2007, a city judge ruled that Corliss had not acted recklessly and had broken no laws.

Too funny! If he broke no laws, why was security keeping him from his jump? This will be interesting to follow…

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One response to “Daredevil sues NYC landmark for thwarting jump

  • alias5

    This is a great story. I love people like this. People who use logic like “I don’t do it for the thrill of it. When I was a small child, I always dreamt of flying, and I always had people tell me that’s impossible, people can’t fly. When I got older, I realized that they were wrong, you can fly.” It instantly brings to mind another great dreamer, Philip Petite, a tight rope walker who walked between the top of the Twin Towers in 1974. He also had a run in with the law, while he was (in the words of an officer who was given the task of apprehending him) “dancing not walking” across a tightrope suspended between the tops of the twin towers. I will attach a link to some photos on the web, but they don’t show him laying down, kneeling and jumping up and doing turns (which is why the cop said “dancing”)http://images.google.com/images?&um=1&hl=en&rlz=1G1GGLQ_ENUS288&q=philippe+petit+photos&&sa=N&start=0&ndsp=18
    After being almost fatally aprehended, just like Jeb Corliss, Petit picked the lock on his handcuffs and then balanced a cop’s hat on the tip of his nose for an improptu photo op. The city of new york went through all the legal motions in their ususal gruff and nasty way, but in the end the city dropped the charges and the port authority, which managed the twin towers, even gave him a lifelong pass to the top of the world trade center. Corliss and Petit are artists and I trust them more than any knucklehead cop, or security guard to make sure no one gets hurt. The best thing about Petit is that he didn’t even have any experience as a high wire artist when he made the decision that he wanted to do it. He essentially trained for it, it took four + years. To say what he did is amazing would be an understatement.

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