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In an effort to save time and maximize hits, I have combined my parter Lia Fazzone’s blog, The Defense Zzone with mine.  So, periodically you might see wonderful criminal law tidbits looking for your attention.  Issues covered by the blog are Crimianl Law, Constitutional Law, 4th Amendment, Evidence and Trial Issues.  Some recent posts from her blog are listed below.  Take a look and stay tuned for more criminal law related posts.



2 responses to “The Defense Zzone … Criminal law at its finest

  • Ann Auerbach

    Dr. MArty Klein – Good News About Choice Article – Amen! I wholeheartedly agree with Marty Klein’s statement “People who don’t “believe” in abortion shouldn’t have one.” It seems that over the years, the groups that have yelled the loudest against abortion rights are white men over 70 years old or women way beyond child bearing years. The U S Constitution affords us with freedom – freedom to make choices. Will we forever need to fight for a women’s freedom to choose? Let’s get a referendum on the ballots that only women can vote concerning abortion rights. That would probably provide a different view on the issue. Just as a person’s religious beliefs are personal and should not be imposed on others, so are views on abortion. It would be nice to have this issue settled but I guess that’s all part of our good ol’ American freedom and our right to freedom of speech thanks to those founding “fathers”.

  • Kim

    The core issue regarding abortion has nothing to do with a woman’s right to make choices. It is whether or not the fertilized and growing contents of her uterus are a living human or whether they are something else, such as a mass of dividing cells. If it is a human, no one has the right to kill it. If it is not a human, then a woman can rid herself of the matter so that she can live her life as she chooses. It’s really that simple. People of all ages, races, religions social status can be found on either side of he debate.

    Of course, in cases not involving rape, a woman could also exercise her right to use birth control, which is quite effective these days. A woman could exercise her right to track her cycle and be aware of when she is fertile so that she can either protect herself or avoid sex at that time. A woman could exercise her right to say no. A woman could exercise her right to place the child in the arms of a couple who cannot have children. There are many choices that could be made even before the egg gets fertilized.

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