Producers of “Terminator: Salvation” in Legal Battle

Imagine that…. a lawsuit in Hollywood! According to Variety:

“Terminator: Salvation” producer Moritz Borman has sued fellow producers Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek and their Halcyon Co. banner, alleging fraud and breach for not paying him producing fees.

Borman claims he help arrange for Anderson and Kubicek to acquire the rights to the Terminator franchise for their company Halcyon Co. in 2007. It gave the pair full rights over the production of Terminator Salvation and any future sequels, plus merchandise and licensing. Borman alleges financial backing for the movie was secured through investment fund Pacificor LLC in exchange for approval rights over the movie, involvement in all creative decisions, and a $5 million producing fee.

“Notwithstanding the fact that defendants obtained the substantial franchise rights and assets through Borman, Anderson and Kubicek failed to honor their assurances, representations and contractual obligations to Borman,” the suit said. “Defendants’ egregious fraud, bad faith conduct and refusal to abide by their contracts has led to the filing of this lawsuit.”

Borman alleges that Anderson and Kubicek “hijacked” the production last July as principal photography was being completed and refused to pay him the $2.5 million balance of his producing fee. “Soon after, it also came to light that Anderson and Kubicek did not have the means to finance the picture, had defaulted on numerous loans and owed over $1 million to creditors on the picture,” the suit added.

If I get a copy of the Complaint, I will post it here.

Read the Variety story here.


2 responses to “Producers of “Terminator: Salvation” in Legal Battle

  • Melissa Collins

    Lawsuits are a great way to generate publicity, especially in Hollywood. The lemmings will generally rush to movies that have lots of controversy, especially when a key actor will be missing, the Governator.
    By all accounts, it appears that Anderson and Kubicek may have breached a contract, assuming this agreement is in writing. If, in fact, this is the case, they will have a difficult time defending their actions.It is so difficult to believe that anyone breached a contract in the most litigious city in the country and possibly the world.
    On the other hand, Borman failed to protect his assets. By helping procurring funding for Anderson and Kubicek, he aligned himself with two individuals who he claims to be so disreputable. Perhaps they deserve each other.

  • Beth Itchkawich

    Doesn’t it seem like a lot of money has already changed hands over a movie that, in all likelihood, won’t be a blockbuster? This seems like one of those situations where everyone loses. I feel bad for Borman but, like the saying goes, you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip.

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