Vermont Proposes Changing Laws on “sexting”

This article is an importnt addition to the my recent posts. (See, Girl Posts Nude Pics of Self and is Charged with Child Porn, Teens Sue Prosecutor over Racy Cell phone pics,and the Hypocracy of Law) It completes the circle in the variuos arguments for and against this conduct.

State legislators in Vermont are moving to decriminalize the practice known as “sexting.” “Sexting” is the sending of “erotic” (i use that term loosely) images taken with your cell phone and sent to another’s cell phone.  When this is done between individuals who are under tha age of 18, the images, in the eyes of the law, become child pornogrpahy. Vermont legislators, unwilling to force teens to go through life as registered sex offenders because they foolishly used their cell phones and computers to exchange revealing photos of themselves with friends, feel that a change in the law is necessary.

As  most states’ laws are written, no distinction exists between pedophiles who possess sexually explicit images of minors and underage teens who consensually exchange images of themselves. As more minors are being prosecuted as adults and being branded sex offenders for life, Vermont is among the first to consider legislation to separate what teens do among themselves from adult crimes.

The proposed legislation in Vermont would decriminalize consensual sexting between kids who are between 13 and 18 years old.

Clearly, this opens the flood gates of debate.

Read the story here.


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