In the News – News – A Model Prisoner

Kids For Sale: Look, But Don’t Touch?, A Teen Makes Money With A Controversial Site

Young ‘model’ sites feel the heat – Internet Underground –

AVN :: Articles – Acquitted of Child Porn, Planning To Sue

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Montrose Daily Press Online

Douglas County News-Press

Andrew Contiguglia on ALICE 105.9 (KALC) in Denver

Andrew Contiguglia on 560 KLZ Denver, CO

Obama takes unprecedented aim at leakers

Anti-gay US Church has right to picket funerals

Social Security denies ID theft victim new number



One response to “In the News

  • cjmac

    Having just read, “Kids for Sale: Look but Don’t Touch”, I am struck by the irony of the title. If, as stated by Mr. Newbury, he knew that some of his clients were “looking at the pictures sexually” while viewing his website, could a case not be made that he was creating online erotica? Would he then not be guilty of pandering of obscenity since he paid this eleven year-old to appear on his website? Is he not “advertising” the life of a young girl for the pruient interests of his customers? Whether the pandering takes place face-to-face or via an electronic media it does not change the scope of the act.

    These parents cannot be living in a bubble. The fact that they “pretend” that it is all innocent does not change the common understanding that the people who are paying (the optimum word is PAYING) for these websites are not interested in how a 16 year old girl combs her hair. They see the dollars signs and they rationalize their acceptance. They are selling the images and lives of their children and represent a new generation of procurer–the electronic pimp.

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