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Ok, so this is my Law blog, but you really should know what areas of law I practice.

Corporate and Business Law and Litigation

Criminal Law

Entertainment Law

First Amendment Law

Personal Injury

One response to “Practice Areas

  • Rosanne

    In response to August 22, 2008 “Freedom Cage” to “Gitmo on the Platte”.
    Although the Democratic National Convention is over, it ended in a peaceful resolution. As much as “Freedom Cage” is an oxymoron, I would have preferred a peaceful march designated for their First Amendment rights. The problem we have I believe is people vs. policy. The First Amendment is the right to protection and National Security, as well as free speech. How far do we challenge our National Security to be “in range” to the event itself which was in essence a roped off empty parking lot at the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO. The lack of access to the vicinity to the Pepsi Center was a frivolous attempt to hold a rally. People have the right to speak, but in this scenario, public policy and the protection of our world leaders and it’s patrons has to be a top priority. A better solution would have been a televised march i downtown Denver, allowing people to be seen and heard, but not compromising our National safety and security. If it had been organized properly, security measures could have been put in place and a coordinated event might have been more appropriate in this case. I have to agree with the judge in his decision, citizens were not denied the right to be heard, there just have been a different venue for a more traditional rally, in close proximity, but not compromising the security of our people.

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